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SEND Information

Parents of children with Special Needs can make an appointment to meet with Ms Golding in her role as SENDCo. At Bildeston Primary School we have an experienced staff who are used to dealing with the wide range of the additional needs pupils may have.


The local Authority make a local offer to parents and Access Unlimited is as excellent website with information guidance and advice for parents.


At our school we have developed a local offer for children.

Nurture Groups


Mrs Homer, one of our Higher Level Teaching Assistants provides nurture group support to some of our pupils.


Nurture groups are small, structured teaching groups for pupils showing signs of behavioural, social or emotional difficulties, particularly those who are experiencing disruption or distress outside of school. They aim to provide a predictable environment in which pupils can build trusting relationships with adults and gain the skills they need in order to learn in larger classes.


Our Nurture groups run throughout the week.

"I am excited today to come to my group because I like sharing my feelings and if I'm sad, that makes me feel better"

(Key Stage 2 Pupil)

Social Reading Club


We have recently introduced a new Social Reading club, which will be run by Mrs Fitch. The club will involve small group activities through which children can develop their social skills, reading skills and confidence.


Social Reading is everything that surrounds the experience of reading through traditional books.

Peer to Peer Support Programme


The Department for Education (DfE) is funding a peer mentoring programme to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people in schools, colleges, and youth settings across England. Our school is taking part in this. 


Mrs Homer is spear-heading this initiative in school and you can find details in the letters below.

Speech & Language Screenings in School


We are currently working with 'Communicate'. Communicate are an independent speech and language therapy service for children, adults and schools, serving the whole of East Anglia. Initially set up by Emma Ferris, Communicate is now a small team of skilled speech and language therapists. 

They work with children independently or through group work dependent on the needs of each pupil. They provide our staff with the support they need to work with some of the pupils and provide reports where necessary.

Integrative Child Psychotherapist


We occasionally work with Child Psychotherapists who provide the following:

  • 1:1 Psychotherapy sessions with children who have been referred by the SENCO and/or parents

  •  Initial meetings and regular termly reviews will be offered to all significant adults, ie. Parents, teachers, teaching assistants.

  • Support to parents when a difficulty arises with a child accessing the 1:1 service.

  • Training and support for staff supporting children with difficulties.

  • a key link from referral, initial assessment and throughout treatment (and possible onward referral)

  • a key link to services offered outside the school setting – e.g. CAMHS, Social care, Parenting services, Adult mental health and onward referral where appropriate.