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Lunch Arrangements

You will find links below to menus for week 1, 2 and 3.

Our packed lunch rota is as follows:

Monday - Ham

Tuesday - Tuna

Wednesday - Cheese

Thursday - Ham

Friday - Cheese


Catering Provider

Our school meal provider is Vertas EATS and we are absolutely delighted to be working with them providing meals for our children.


Eats is one of the East of England’s largest primary school food services. They believe that school catering should be an integral part of school life and learning for all pupils forming the foundation of lifelong good health. We have chosen them for the coming year as they have provided us with great menus and a keen contract.


Their menus are traditionally prepared and use a high proportion of locally produced food. They are proud that their menus meet the Food for Life Silver award criteria. They also work with schools to improve dining spaces to help lunchtime enjoyment, behaviour and improving the school’s food culture.

Menus will be added to our school website and placed on Class Dojo. Please ensure that your child is aware of the new menu before the start date. If your child is on a specific dietary menu, please get in touch to make the necessary adjustments.


We hope your children enjoy the new lunch provision. Should you have any questions, please just ask.

Catering Update Letter

Sophie and her team in the school kitchen do a fantastic job cooking tasty, high-quality healthy meals for the children. They work for Vertas Eats. You can find out loads more about school dinners, including the widely varied menu on offer, by exploring the Vertas Eats website -


All children attending Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are offered a free school meal as part of the Government's Universal Free School Meals for infants programme.

As you know our school is dedicated to developing the health and wellbeing of all children. We continue to offer healthy balanced packed lunches for you to order for your child’s lunch. These would be free to those children in years Reception to Year 2 under the universal infant free school meal scheme and are also available to those children receiving pupil premium funding.

Our school packed lunches include:


Vegetable Sticks (Cucumber/Carrot)

Savoury Snack (Cheese Straws, Cheese Scones for example)

Fruit Bag



Fruit Cuplet

Milk or water is available to drink with their packed lunch.

Choosing a school packed lunch has the following advantages:

 Saves time in the mornings in lunch preparation

 A cost saving for those children in Reception and key stage 1

 The opportunity to eat outdoors in fine weather at the picnic benches

 The opportunity to socialise with all of their friends

The kitchen can accommodate different fillings for your child’s sandwich if the filling of the day is not the preferred choice. Just inform the school office on the day!

Packed Lunches

Children may bring a packed lunch for their midday meal in a clearly-named container or alternatively a packed lunch can be ordered from the school kitchen at a cost of £2.40, free to those on Universal Infant Free School Meals or Pupil Premium Free School Meals.


Sweets, chocolates, fizzy or artificially-sweetened drinks are not acceptable, as they do not comply with our healthy eating policy. Water and milk is always available at lunch times. If you provide a drink we ask that it is water or fruit juice.


As many children in school suffer from severe allergic reaction to nuts, please do not include items made with nuts in your child’s packed lunch. This includes Nutella and peanut butter.

Mid-Morning Snacks & Drinks

For mid-morning snacks we encourage the children to eat fruit or vegetables. You may wish to provide these snacks for yourself. Sweets, nuts, biscuits or crisps are not permitted.


We participate in the free fruit and vegetable scheme which provides children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 with a free piece of fruit or veg each day.


Water is always available to the children. Children may bring their named, closed-top/sports top (to prevent spillages), plastic water bottle to school. It should contain water without any flavourings or additives.