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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Mrs S Hayes & Mrs K Branton teaches Kingfisher Class throughout the week.

Mrs Hiscock also supports Kingfisher Class.


Our School Day

Start of School Day 8.55am

Morning Break 10.45am

Lunch 12.15pm

Start of Afternoon Session 1.15pm

End of School Day 3.15pm


Day Time Assemblies
Monday 10.30am Story Assembly
Tuesday 10.30am Singing Assembly
Wednesday 10.30am Values Assembly
Thursday 10.30am Whole School Assembly
Friday 9.05am

Celebration Assembly

Kingfisher Class Rules

Kingfisher Class Work Plan

Poetry & Art

Poetry and artwork produced by the pupils of Kingfisher class following their visit to the woods.

World Ward 1 Enrichment

Indian Enrichment Afternoon

Indian Enrichment Afternoon 1

Reading Cafe

Reading Cafe 1

Snape Maltings

Snape Maltings 1

States of Matter

States of Matter 1