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Junior Road Safety Officers

The Way To Go Suffolk

Suffolk County Council launches a new website to support sustainable travel
 The Way To Go Suffolk website provides information and advice on walking and cycling, public transport, car sharing and electric vehicles.
 The website also includes support and guidance on how to write a Travel Plan for a Business, School or a New Housing Development.


Walk to School Week Certificate

Summer 2020

We thought it would be nice to run another JRSO safety competition for the summer term for children who are in the school provision and for those learning at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Now more than ever we are being active and getting out on our bikes, so what better time to think how to keep safe whilst cycling?

We would like you to design a fact sheet and a poster highlighting all the things we need to think about to keep safe on our bikes.

Please make your entries colourful and full of information to keep people safe and enter them in the usual way through your Class teacher on the Dojo platform. If you are currently attending school, please also submit your entry through Dojo. We look forward to seeing your entries. Closing Date 8th July 2020.


Try our Bike Competition

Summer 2019

From our survey of how children travel to school we discovered that a lot of children come to school by car. We went out into the playground to talk about the pollution produced by cars on the road. 



The children came up with some ideas to help with this.
•    Car share
•    Use scooters or bikes to travel to school
•    Walk whenever possible.
We made some posters to encourage parents and put them up near the entrance to the playground.


Goldcrest Class used the village zebra crossing, crossed a main road and a side road whilst off to Forest Schools. We talked to them about listening for traffic, looking out for traffic, staying close together and keeping on the path.

Our Competition Winners

The JRSO’s felt that we needed to ensure that pupils understood the importance of being safe when travelling on the mini bus.

We joined the keep fit stay healthy club today to talk to them about how to stay safe when out exercising anywhere near the roads.

We met with Ollie to discuss the use of the tractor on the farm and travelling on the road thinking about the safety aspects.

We worked with the children in Reception/Year 1 to design and make reflectors to keep them safe.

The winners of our Road Safety Competition receiving their prizes and congratulations on their fantastic posters.

Winners of the "Be Bright, Keep Safe" JRSO Competition


During a whole school assembly, our Junior Road Safety Officers thanked all the pupils for their entries. “The entries were of a high standard and it was very hard to choose just one winner from each class” said William. The winners were then presented with their prizes and their posters were displayed on the Junior Road Safety Officers notice board.