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Welcome to Kestrel Class!


Mrs A Simmons teaches Kestrel Class throughout the week.

Mrs Mayes & Mrs Gaskell also support Kestrel Class.


Our School Day

Start of School Day 8.55am

Morning Break 10.45am

Lunch 12.15pm

Start of Afternoon Session 1.15pm

End of School Day 3.15pm


Day Time Assemblies
Monday 10.30am Story Assembly
Tuesday 10.30am Singing Assembly
Wednesday 10.30am Values Assembly
Thursday 10.30am Whole School Assembly
Friday 9.05am

Celebration Assembly

Kestel Class Rules

Kestrel Class Work Plan

STEM Day at Old Buckingham Hall

Palm Oil Debate

Kestrel class held a debate about products which contain Palm Oil-: should it be banned? We carried out research to support our opinions and then took part in the debate.




"I feel strongly that the use of palm should be lessened as it is responsible for 8% of the world’s deforestation between 1990 & 2008."


"It is bad for the climate as forest habitat is endangered & species are pushed closer to extinction."


"Small holders and indigenous people are being driven brutally from their land."


"Ban the use of palm oil because palm oil trees are cut down orangutan’s habitats are being destroyed. 45,000 orangutans remain in Borneo but will be extinct in just 25 years."

Belling Cooking Club Competition

Children were required to design a healthy meal and label it with the nutritional facts. Milly received this gift from the club (Billy Bear) for her excellent entry. Unfortunately, we did not win the main prize but the entry was recognised for the time and effort put into the meal.

Bradfield Woods

Kestrel Class Safer Internet Charter

Online safety is a crucial part of every school’s curriculum and the children today all agreed on the correct behaviour when online. They then produced this charter and all signed it to show that they all agreed with its content.

Christmas Cakes

Steps from Kestrel Class:

  • "We weighed all of our ingredients, placed it into a mixing bowl and mixed in a figure of eight until all the different ingredients were combined. What a lovely smell!
  • We then put our cakes into the oven to cook.
  • While we were waiting we did a taste test of 5 different cakes, wrote out our recipes, looked at the health and safety guidelines we needed to follow when cooking and drew a design for decorating our cakes.
  • Finally we tasted our cakes and wrote out our evaluations."

WW1 Cooking Session

Kestrel Class spent the day cooking for the soldiers in the trenches. They made an eggless sponge and trench stew. What a feast! The children wrote predictions stating what they thought the food would taste like and following the tasting session they wrote their conclusions.


They also looked at rationing towards the end of the war, what foods were easily available and foods which were moderately available.

Andy Warhol

What great fun Kestrel Class pupils had to produce a huge variety of pieces of art in the style of Andy Warhol.

World War 1 Enrichment

African Adventure 2018

Georgia O'Keeffe

Flower paintings by Kestrel Class in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Greek Clay Pots


Kestrel Class studied the pots the Greeks made and then designed some of their own. They then made them using clay and the coil method.

Kestrel Class Assembly

Kestrel Class have been studying Groovy Greeks this term and have produced a variety of work across the curriculum related to this topic. Our audience was drawn together to witness one of Ancient Greece’s finest gifts to modern society – a great debate.


The children took part in a debate about sharing assemblies, showed work on the history of the Ancient Greeks, looked at where Greece can be located, handmade Greek pots were produced by the children and fantastic works of art which were produced following intensive research about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

Pond Dipping

Exploring in the pond on the school grounds looking for wildlife.


Following their exploring in the pond, pupils brought back a small amount of pond water to the classroom to examine. They tried to identify the different types of wildlife they had found.

Stone Age Bowls

Kestrel Class making replica Stone Age bowls using Paper Mache.