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School Closure

In the event of unusual or dangerous weather, the choice for the Head Teacher will be:

1. Stay Open

2. Close

3. Shorten School Day 10.00am start




1. Stay Open. If the school is open, families must review their own local weather conditions to decide whether it is safe to travel.


2. Close. A decision will be made early (between 6am – 7am) if possible.  We will post a message on our Class Dojo School Story, the home page of the school website and email parents on our distribution list. Information will be broadcast on Heart FM on 97.1FM or 96.4FM and Radio Suffolk 95.5FM, 95.9FM,103.9FM or 104.6FM. Information will also appear on the following websites, and a special Suffolk County Council website (please note our school is in the Southern Area).  If possible we will change the answer-phone message to indicate the school is closed, put a notice outside the school and spread the word locally as best we can. Please do not ring the school unnecessarily, as there may well be no staff there, and if there are, we may need to make urgent phone calls.


3. Short School Day - 10.00am start. Please be aware that in common with Hadleigh High School we have implemented an inclement weather policy which means the school may sometimes open at 10.00

to allow for staff, pupils and parents to travel to work safely. Bildeston will not necessarily be closing early, since once the children are in school they will be safe, but parents need to review their own local conditions to decide on the best travel arrangements in their own circumstances.


Bus children


If the day was to be shortened our buses would run a slightly different timetable, and at the end of the day children will be collected from us about 30 minutes earlier than usual. In this case please ensure the school knows whether you would prefer your child to travel by bus or be collected by you at the usual end of the day. We will phone you if you haven’t let us know. If you prefer your child to travel by bus, please ensure your child has someone to collect them from the stop up to 30 minutes earlier than usual.

NB With this in mind, please ensure we have up to date contact details.