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Eco Warriors at Bildeston Primary

During this academic year we joined the Eco-Schools programme, which was a great way for our school to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environmental footprint of the school. The changes we made lead to a more sustainable, less costly and more responsible school environment. The children worked very hard to help our environment by collecting waste batteries, saving energy, learning about recycling and joining in our gardening club to grow plants and flowers. A big thank you to all Eco-Warriors for making the difference!

Mrs Townend is working with our children to understand the importance of how we recycle and how it affects our planet!

Many things are being done with the children in school within our curriculum on our journey to becoming an Eco-School. However, whilst both unusual and wonderful we are asking that student’s packed lunches be as waste-free as possible. It isn’t a mandate, but all families are asked to try to keep plastic bags, pre-packaged foods, and disposable food wraps to a minimum. It all helps!!

Let’s get Eco-Friendly

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Look how many batteries we have managed to recycle across our school - just under 1700! Amazing! Thank you all!

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