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Work Plan Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents/Carers


Bee Class Work Plan


I hope you have all had an enjoyable Easter holiday and a good break. Thank you for all the homework they have completed. We have enjoyed learning about the family customs they take part in and the math’s that is happening at home. The children have all settled back into school well and we are beginning to set them more challenging work ready for the transition to the next school year. Our topic for this term is Seaside Holidays with a link to Pirates. We will start by thinking about what the seaside is and what is special about the seaside including any memories the children have of visiting the sea. We will learn about the animals and creatures that live at the sea and about the traditional Punch and Judy show. After half term, we will move on to Pirates and hope to have some swashbuckling adventures.



The Year 1 children continue to follow the Maths No Problem scheme with a focus on division and multiplication, numbers to 100, revision of addition and subtractions and shape, measures and time. Reception children will continue practical Math’s with a focus on doubling, halving and sharing.


English / Phonics

In English we will continue our focus on using IPEEL as a way to support the children’s writing. We will write letters based on the book Dear Greenpeace, information texts linked to sea creatures and pirates and traditional tales with a seaside theme. We will also look at some nature-based poetry. In phonics, the Year 1 children will be consolidating their phase 5 sounds ready for their phonics screening check and reception will consolidate the sounds they have learnt so far and begin to use their tricky words in sentences.



In Science, we will be learning about the weather linked to the seasons. We will create weather reports and learn about the symbols involved in weather reports. After half term, the focus will be on plants and growing and we hope to have a fabulous garden growing in our outside area by the summer.


At home

The children are all bringing home reading books and the support you give them at home is invaluable in improving their reading skills. Please continue to try to read at home at least three to four times a week but preferably every day. It really helps the children’s confidence and their ability to remember the sounds. Remember to record any reading with a comment in your child’s Reading Diary.


The children are always busy in our messy area and we will continue to need donations of recycling such as clean plastic pots and small boxes. Later in the term, we will also be making fish out of recycled bottles. Your child will need an empty 2L bottle for this so could you please send one in. If you have any comments or questions about your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Yours sincerely


Miss Myers