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Second Assignment Word Document

I  hope all pupils are making good use of our Times Table Rock Stars and Mathletics provision.  Our KS2 topic this term was the Romans in history, and Italy for geography, but as we had almost completed our work in these areas to allow for Easter activities, we did not set work for these.  BBC bitesize has some excellent, informative videos and activities on this that the children might enjoy using if they wish.


I did work with all of the children in the final two days using pobble 365 in the hope that they would be familiar with it, and therefore be able to use it independently in the couple of weeks before half-term.  Quite simply, pobble 365 is a writing prompt for children of any age which appeals to a wide range of interests, and can be found by typing pobble365 into google.  There is no sign in and it is completely free.  Every day a new thought-provoking image is displayed alongside a story starter paragraph.  As you scroll down there are 4 other challenges for the children to choose from.  In the letter glued into the front page of your child's home learning journal, I explained what it was I wanted the children to do on a daily and weekly basis.  Basically, this involved them choosing 2 activities per day from: 

  1.  Improve the 'sick sentences' it provides (3 very basic sentences they are challenged to up level.).  
  2. Answer the questions in the 'Questions to think about' section.
  3. Complete the 'sentence challenge' (usually to do with grammar and vocabulary).

In addition to this, I asked them to continue the story from the story starter section at least twice a week.  It does not have to a full, long story - but should be a reasonable length and quality.  At times they are instead challenged to write a letter/brochure or other genre of writing.  I only asked for them to do this twice a week minimum as this allows them to choose the story stimulus that most motivates them to write.


All of this written work is to be completed in their home learning book, and should be completed to the same high standards they have in class. 


Finally, on pobble 365 there is a 'picture this' section with an art related task - which I have asked them to complete once a week, using only what ever materials they have - and I make suggestions for this.


If you have not seen the letter in the front of the home learning book we sent home, please do read it as there was other advice, activities and web sites on there for the coming weeks.


We are currently planning for the summer term, and it is my aim once again to ensure that work I provide does not necessitate parents printing off sheets, buying resources, etc.  We will be updating the website with this information as soon as this is complete.