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Ms L Golding B.Ed., N.P.Q.H., M.A.

I am delighted to have taken the role of Headteacher at Bildeston Primary School. This is a school with a committed and talented staff and governing body, who provide fantastic educational opportunities for our children.
The school is large enough to be able to offer a range of opportunities, whilst allowing us to know our children as individuals. Parents take a great interest in their children's education, and are members of our highly active Parents, Teachers and Friends Association.
We have strong links to the local community, including the churches, local businesses and community organisations. We work co-operatively with other schools in the Hadleigh area, but have a particular collaboration with Whatfield CEVC Primary School. I hope you enjoy using this website, and if you would like to visit the school please contact us through the website or by phone to arrange a visit.
Ms Lynne CS Golding B.Ed., N.P.Q.H., M.A.