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We hope that the children are making good use of TTRockstars and Mathletics whilst we are faced with the school closures.  Children should be able to find all of the relevant passwords in the front of the books that they were given on the Thursday prior to us closing.  The children can find a range of activities to completed ensuring that their mathematical skills are still being used.


The topic we had been studying this term was the Romans and Italy.  We had completed a lot of work on the Romans but would like the children to produce a fact file or a travel guide about Italy.  They must investigate what there is to do in Italy, the temperature, the terrain, food and certain customs that Italians follow.  If you're feeling brave enough. we never had time to design and make our own pizzas.  This would be a lovely activity for the children to complete at home.


We had shown the children how to access and use Pobble365.  This is a programme that is used as a writing prompt for children of any age.  Every day there is a new thought-provoking image displayed alongside a story starter.  As you scroll down there are four other challenges for the children to choose from.  The children can choose two of these activities to complete each day.  


All of their written work should be completed to the high standard that we expect in class.


In the front of the book, that was sent home to the children, there is more information that will explain what we are expecting of the children whilst school is closed.


We are currently planning work for the summer term and we are aiming to ensure that the work we provide does not use lots of photocopying or buying in new resources.  The website will be updated as soon as we have planned.


Thank you for your co-operation at this difficult time and stay safe.


Kind regards,


Mrs Hayes, Mrs Branton and Mrs Hiscock