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Keeping In Touch With Our Children

The Book of Hopes

April 2020

Using 'Zoom' to keep in touch daily with our families joined by their teachers and teaching assistants who work with them


At Bildeston Primary School we would like to keep up to date with you and your children. To do this we use  Zoom for our video-calling. We will be using our school account for this, so you do not need to buy anything or create an account.


When we make our video call, we will always send you an email/dojo private parent message first with the video link and the time. We will never email your child asking them to join a call without you knowing, and we will never ask to 'video meet' with you or your child outside our school hours which are currently 9am – 4pm.


To use the video link in our email, just click on it. The browser window will open and the first time you use it, it will ask you to download the software. If you use a Zoom account for another reason, please make sure you log out of that account before your child uses it. This will make sure any settings that you have made in your account do not over-ride any that we have put in place to safeguard your child. Please note: no one should take photographs or attempt to record the meeting as we do not have permission for all pupils to be photographed.


When we make the video call please make sure the computer is in a suitable place, not in a bedroom or bathroom for example and the background is clear, showing just the wall perhaps.


You may have read a lot about problems with video calling software. Zoom has improved its security settings recently. Our school account has settings that will limit problems with the following issues that you may have heard about:

 •         Zoom-bombing

•         Risk of phishing

•         Privacy concerns

•         Recordings

•         Private zoom meetings

•         Inappropriate content

•         Data Protection

•         Poor privacy controls and security


To protect you and your child further, please:


•         Do not create or use an existing Zoom account for them, this will make sure that your child cannot change any of our settings.

•         Make sure the joining email is from our school email address or class dojo message; this will prevent any impact from phishing emails where people try to get you to click on a fraudulent email.

•         We will always make sure that there are two adults on the video call from our end and we would like parents to be alongside when our call takes place.

•         There should be no inappropriate content on any of our video calls. Please contact the school if you are concerned about any of the content of the video call.


If you would like any further information, please get in touch by emailing us on 

Kind Regards

Mrs Julia Shaw

Executive Head Teacher