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At Bildeston Primary, we are using Class Dojo to engage our pupils with home learning whilst our school is closed to pupils who are not within the key worker/vulnerable category.


Take a look at the learning platform here:


Note to Parents on Dojo platform (1 May 2020)


Dear Parents,


Thank you all so much for so enthusiastically engaging with Class Dojo.  You have always been important in your child’s learning journey, but never more so than now.  Thank you for explaining to and marking work with your child/ren.  We have been amazed at some of the lovely and creative responses we have seen to tasks set by the teachers.  Many of you have taken the time to be really positive about the work staff have organised, and they have done this as well as taking a full part in the emergency school we are running at Bildeston for pupils of key workers and those who are more vulnerable.


As you all know we have set maths materials for our pupils, and have also sent through the answers to the work set.  In common with other local schools this approach is partly practical, and partly due to the principles of working we use when teaching maths in particular.


At Bildeston School we follow the Mastery approach to teaching maths, and as such we always encourage children to be involved in self-assessment by marking their own work wherever possible.  This has been shown to be more effective in allowing children to quickly see where they have made errors and to be active in self-correcting them.  This is more important than ever in this time of distance learning as teachers cannot see how a child is tackling problems, and sometimes cannot actually see the answers or all of the work from the photographs submitted.  


We cannot physically tick their work, so our marking and feedback is based on their explanations of the methods and/or knowledge used in that day's learning.  We use this to identify and address misconceptions or gaps in their understanding in the comments section.  Where explanations demonstrate their learning is secure, we can move learning to a deeper level by asking challenging questions for children to respond to.  This is how our teachers mark your child's work.  The ability to be able to talk about their maths is a part of the National Curriculum expectations throughout KS1 and KS2, and is something we build on as children progress through the school.


I understand that it might be difficult for younger age groups to write their explanations, so they may prefer to submit short videos/audios of them talking through how they tackled problems.  Teachers can then use the comments section to praise effort, persistence and mathematical thinking, as well as move the learning on. Explanations would be great from Year 1 and Reception children, but parental comments and photos are also appropriate for this younger age group.


We do hope that this explains the reasoning behind our feedback policy at Bildeston Primary School, and thank you once again for your full participation and support.


Mrs Shaw

Head Teacher