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Art Curriculum Statement

To encourage creativity and the appreciation of art throughout their lives, children are exposed to the three elements of art and design.


  1. Skills: experimenting creatively using different skills, media and materials.
  2. Knowledge: Developing a deep knowledge of artists from the different art movements and their traditions.
  3. Exposure: Developing the ability to express, appreciate and understand a wealth of key artists.

What is Artsmark?

Managed by Arts Council England, Artsmark is a national award scheme which recognises schools with a high provision in the arts. The scheme encourages schools to consider the opportunities they offer in art, dance, drama and music. By gaining an Artsmark, a school shows its commitment to the wider development of young people and teachers and to raising the profile of the arts in the school.


Artsmark aims to develop arts and culture based activity across the school in order to encompass an enriched and inclusive curriculum where the arts are embedded into a broader school strategy.


There are 7 key principles within Arts Mark which include:

  • Striving for excellence and innovation
  • Being authentic
  • Being exiting, inspiring and engaging
  • Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience
  • Actively involving young people
  • Enabling personal progression
  • Developing belonging and ownership


Our Artsmark Journey 



Artsmark, Arts Council England have made the following comments about our submissions:


Your commitment to the Arts is commendable. Perhaps what has been most impressive has been your “can do” approach and determination in maintaining the high profile of the Arts. It is good that you have not allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to become barriers to achieving your goals when it comes to the Arts. Your Artsmark journey has had a positive impact on your pupils’ outcomes and on your staff. More pupils are now playing musical instruments and as a result of your partnership with the local music hub, pupils now have access to samba drumming. As a direct consequence of your many links and partnerships, new and exciting opportunities have been created for pupils to work with artists in galleries and links with a local theatre are supporting the delivery of quality drama provision. Staff have become more confident in delivering the Arts and benefited from a CPD programme delivered by professional artists/specialists to develop their subject knowledge and skills.

You have identified appropriate future areas to develop giving particular attention to areas to be developed after the pandemic. As part of the pupils enrichment activities, you could build in opportunities for your pupils to take greater ownership of their engagement and personal progression within the Arts. This will support your ambitions in achieving greater depth in the Arts. You could also actively encourage your pupils to evaluate artworks in a range of media supporting your “Talk for Writing” project.


Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!